Nature of Course: Open to GSTT attendees only

Course Director: Colette Laws-Chapman, Deputy Director,  Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre


Sepsis is a major cause of mortality and morbidity and a large consumer of resources in the NHS. The management of sepsis is driven by international evidence and consensus-based guidelines. Unfortunately, the delivery of care to patients diagnosed with sepsis often fails to meet the targets specified by these guidelines, which leads to negative consequences for both the patient and the organisation.

“The Sepsis 6″ is an intervention designed to improve the immediate management of septic patients by guiding staff through the initial steps in the goal-directed management of sepsis. It has been shown to improve the outcomes of patients with sepsis. Our programme is designed to increase the awareness of the Sepsis 6, to educate about sepsis and to explore scenarios in which the recognition and management of sepsis may be complicated.


  • Band 5+ Nurses
  • Junior Doctors – FY1 and FY2
  • SpR’s 1-6
  • Clinical Consultants
  • Allied Health Professionals


  • To be announced


  • Although this course is centrally funded, making it free for you to attend, you may be charged if you book a place but do not attend on the day.


Please email the Simulation team for more information.