Course Duration: One Day

CPD Hours: 7 Hours

Time: 09:00-17:00


Sepsis is a major cause of mortality and morbidity and a large consumer of resources in the NHS.

This inter-professional simulation-based training course combines workshops and immersive clinical scenarios facilitated by simulation experts. It addresses the early recognition and management of sepsis with a focus on the new sepsis definitions (Sepsis -3)  utilising “The Sepsis Six” – an evidence-based intervention shown to improve the outcomes of patients with sepsis through early goal-directed therapy and the exploration of human factors in healthcare.

Delegates will have the opportunity to practise, in a safe learning environment, the skills needed to recognise, assess and care for patients with sepsis with a view to improving patient safety.


  • To provide a framework for reviewing your working environment and its effect on the patient experience and their safety in relation to Human Factors
  • To increase knowledge base of the recognition and management of sepsis
  • To understand the principles and practice of the “Sepsis 6”

Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course attendees will be able to:

  • State the new definitions of sepsis and septic shock
  • List the 6 elements of the “Sepsis 6”
  • Describe the impact of non-technical skills on management of septic patients

This course is suitable for:

  • Nurses, doctors and allied health professionals at all levels


  • To be announced


For more information please see the course flyer or  contact the Simulation team on 0207 188 4802 or email  the Simulation Team