Course Director: Dr Peter Jaye

Course Reference Number: 004/2014

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Target Audience:  GP’s, consultants, junior doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, allied healthcare professionals, community based practitioners including pharmacists and residential care givers

Course Details:

Compassion is central to the delivery of high quality care in Healthcare. Despite this the NHS places many barriers to its delivery in the way of its care givers. This course explores these and how we can overcome them. Utilising the work of Professor Paul Gilbert it stresses the importance of compassion for oneself, for the members of the healthcare team and for the patient and their carers. It uses a variety of simulation based experiential learning modalities followed by facilitated debriefs to explore and expand the learning in addition to focused didactic presentations. It is a multi-disciplinary, inter-professionally delivered course for all those involved in the delivery of care across all of patient pathway from home, primary care, hospital and nursing/residential home. It would be of value to those involved in enhancing compassionate care as well as those involved in delivery from management.