Course Director: Colette Laws-Chapman and Dr Adrian Hopper

Course Reference Number: 006/2014

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Target Audience: GP’s, consultants, junior doctors, acute and community nurses, allied healthcare professionals, nursing assistants trained in catheter management.

Course Details:

Many patients in both the inpatient and community setting have indwelling urinary catheters and heath-care professionals frequently are faced with their management.  Poor management can lead to catheter associated complications such as infection with devastating consequences for the patient such as prolonged hospitalisation, readmission and increased mortality. This course aims to help reduce avoidable harm in patients with catheters. It seeks to explore issues of catheter avoidance, management of indwelling catheters and timely removal;   as well as safe discharge of those with catheters and their community management. The course will help explore issues around dignity, care and compassion and the role of the healthcare professional in educating and empowering patients in catheter care. This inter-professional course is designed to help explore the potential non-technical barriers to effective management of catheters for both acute and community healthcare professionals.