This suite of courses is for staff and teams who wish to become simulation faculty. The programme runs over a 6 month cycle and is run 4 times a year. It consists of 4 essential courses and 4 further courses which are for those looking to become advanced casino canada faculty or those with specialist interests. The 4 essential courses must be completed with 12 months from starting the programme. The 4 higher level courses should be completed within 24 months of starting the programme.

In addition to these formal training opportunities faculty are required to take part in a programme of reflective practise and episodes of debrief of their debrief. For those on the expert programme as well as the courses offered they is a set of requirements in research and debriefing. Further details of the additional requirements for all programmes are available once an individual is enrolled in the programme.

Essential simulation programme

Advanced simulation programme

  • Advancing in situ simulation (1 day)
  • Debriefing in clinical settings (1 day)
  • Advancing your debriefing (1 day)

Expert simulation programme

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