This programme is for Trust staff who wish to develop debriefing skills for simulation-based learning interventions. It is part of the faculty development programme of SaIL being a mandatory part of the Essential Simulation faculty programme. Prior completion of the introduction to simulation course is required unless a candidate has had exemption from the Director of SaIL

Course Description

Part one: the course runs over 2 days which are separated by a number of weeks. The course introduces the concepts of structured debriefing, using the diamond debrief model, to facilitate deep reflection, exploration of human factors skills and transfer of learning from simulated experiences to the work place.

Participants will actively debrief simulation experiences and abstract exercises. Using faculty to recreate debrief situations and structured debriefing-of-the-debrief, participants can reflect on technical aspects of the model and how they may facilitate debriefs. In addition they will have an opportunity to reflect on their use of the debrief diamond experiences in between the two days.

Part two is the coaching phase: Participants will attend as novice faculty on SaIL courses between the two course dates to practise using the description and analysis phases of the debrief. After Day two of the formal training we encourage participants to further practise the stages of the diamond debrief, debriefing under supervision.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide an understanding of debriefing as an educational modality
  • To provide a detailed account of the diamond debrief model
  • To demonstrate how to develop transfer of learning and application in practice
  • To give practise and feedback opportunities to enable competence in using the diamond debrief model

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the full programme participants will be able to:

  • Explain the phases of the debrief diamond model linked to educational theory
  • Describe the place of debriefing within simulation-based learning
  • Demonstrate¬†components of effective co-debriefing
  • Describe the responsibilities of a simulation facilitator
  • Demonstrate mastery of the essential skills of debriefing using the diamond debrief model from description through to application


The course is open to GSTT employees with a direct role in clinical workforce development. Participants attending this training should only be those currently supported to deliver simulation based education as part of their role or who intend to practise debriefing on a voluntary basis.


  • 15th Feb 2017 & 5th Apr 2017
  • 11th Oct 2017 & 15th Nov 2017

*There are 12 places available on each date.

To book your space please contact the Simulation team or call 0207 188 4802