Course Duration: Two Day and 4 debriefing practise sessions

CPD Hours: 14 and 8 – total 22 hours

Time: 09:00-17:00


This course introduces the concepts of simulation-based learning and debriefing using a specific model of debriefing, the diamond debrief, to facilitate deep reflection, exploration of human factors and skills and transfer of learning from simulated experiences to the work place.

Participants will actively debrief simulation experiences and abstract exercises. Using faculty to recreate debrief situations and structured debriefing of the debrief, participants can reflect on technical aspects of the model and how they may facilitate debriefs.

Participants will be offered up to 4 courses/ simulation based sessions to attend and practise the stages of the diamond debrief, debriefing under supervision. Each participant will receive one to one feedback through debrief of the debrief and a certificate on completion.


  • To provide an understanding of debriefing as an educational modality
  • To provide a detailed account of the diamond debrief model
  • To demonstrate how to centre a debrief around non-technical skills
  • To give practise and feedback opportunities to enable mastery of the essential skills of debriefing using the diamond debrief model

Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • State the phases of the debrief diamond model
  • Describe the place of debriefing within simulation-based learning
  • Demonstrate components of effective co-debriefing
  • Describe the responsibilities of a simulation facilitator

Target Audience:

  • This course is suitable for employees directly involved in the delivery of healthcare training and who intend to participate in debriefing in simulation-based learning opportunities

Dates & Fees:

  • Please contact the Simulation Team for more information on dates & course fees.